Error after cloning and altering Rule

Just cloned an existing rule that worked fine, turning dimmers and switches on/off in a fish room/house

I basically added a few additional else If's threw in a few delayed on/off's and changed/added a few extra time triggers, checked and nothing showed up in logs to show it was working, also the "run actions" and "update rule" buttons were missing, as there wasn't anything in the logs I changed a setting, clicked "done" (no update or run action buttons) and finally got a mention in the logs which was the following

app:17342020-05-26 20:17:14.367 errorjava.lang.ClassCastException: null (updated)

app:17342020-05-26 20:15:15.929 errorjava.lang.ClassCastException: null (updated)

app:17342020-05-26 19:12:54.718 errorjava.lang.ClassCastException: null (updated)

app:17342020-05-26 19:12:48.291 infoFish Room Lighting: Resumed

app:17342020-05-26 19:12:43.979 infoFish Room Lighting: Paused

app:17342020-05-26 19:11:38.463 errorjava.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to java.lang.String on line 4583 (updated)

Did you save the rule before looking for the buttons.
They do not show up until a new/cloned rule has been saved. When you open it up after that they should be there.

If you mean clicked Done, yes it was clicked several times when I left it and did something else and they never appeared or I should say I don't recall them appearing as the whole thing was paused

Hmm. Very strange. Whenever I've cloned a rule there are none of the buttons you have mentioned. I do the changes I want and then 'Done' my way out. When I then open it up, the buttons are there.
Maybe try again. Sounds like something went wrong.

Sod's law strikes again :slight_smile:

Happy to redo, just don't fancy another 2 hours if it goes wrong again so hoped it was something known with a known workaround