Error 500 on past logs

Getting error 500 when clicking on show past logs.
Anyone else?

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maybe give it time to create some log files first.

We will be fixing that, but yes, after it creates its first rotated log file, it will start working before we have an update pushed out.

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Can you explain how past logs will work?
Will it keep logs automatically even if the log window is not a history?

just like live logging, except its everything in the past. Up to about 256k worth of lines. No need to keep live logging open.

Think of it this way, live logging is real time, past logs is everything... well, in the past. Updated each refresh / reload of the page.


That's what I was hoping. Great Stuff!


Live logging: (note this has no logging going on, cause I just loaded it)

Past Logs: (last 256k of logging, filtered just like live logging)

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How long should it take to populate the past logs?

Depends on how much logging your system is doing. Needs approximately 128k worth of logs to start working before we update it to fix that issue.

Just leave live logging open for awhile and you get the same thing.

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As of this morning I appear to be getting 3.5 hours of log history. Does this sound about right?
I was hoping for a day's worth. Not complaining because a few hours is a lot better than nothing....just curious is this is the expected history timeframe.

Just depends on what is in a line of debugging. Not all lines are equal in size.