Error 500 on apps page

I just loaded the latest version and got the error500 on the apps page..

I did a "soft reset", unplugged the box for a few minutes and restored to older version.. same thing...

any ideas on what to do ?

According to Release 2.2.9 available - #13 by bravenel this issue was fixed in 9.139 but in my case it appears to have caused it...


Please send me a PM with your hub's MAC address along with registered email address, so we can further investigate.

Bobby.. i did the following

(1) unplugged for 5 min

  • still received error 500
    (2) did a "soft reset" to version 137
  • still received error 500
    (3) reloaded version 139 (latest)

ERROR 500 GONE !!!!

dont know what happened (there may have been an implicit prayer between steps).. but all appears ok now..

Thank you for your quick response..

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Thanks for the update. Glad to hear the error is gone. A few thoughts, Soft Reset doesn't rollback the platform. Based on above details, your hub didn't update to 139, the first time, that's why it was available after Soft Reset.

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I am having the same issue when trying to load the apps page - lights all came on tonight - is this an internal (habitat) issue?

May want to download a backup, do a soft reset, and then restore from the backup that was just downloaded.

I'm new to all of this - can you instruct me?

setting --> back up and restore??

how far should I go back from the list? (prior to

I’d create a new backup:

Then go to http://yourHubIp:8081

and select Soft Reset. When it eventually comes back, down at the bottom there will be a link to restore a backup, click it and then select the backup that you created and downloaded.

It will load that and then will reboot. When it comes back up from that, hopefully the 500 will be gone.


Hint: you will need you Hub MAC address as the password to log in to Diag Tools to do the Soft Reset. The easiest way to do this is, before you go to Diag Tools (http://your.hub.ip:8081), go to Settings, Hub Details, and copy the MAC address, then paste it in to the password field when you log in to Diag Tools.

Oh, and welcome to the Hubitat community, @jasonpillet !


still getting the error 500 even after following all of those directions - would you recommend doing a restore from an earlier date?

try a soft reset a second time?

and thanks for all of your help! @672southmain and @thebearmay

May need to revert back a version and then reupgrade, but I’d talk with @bobbyD or @gopher.ny first.

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Yes, you need to go back to a point where your database is not corrupted.

I don’t believe that would help.

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settings --> back up and restore??

how far should I go back from the list? (prior to

If you're not running, please update to the latest.


will that help with the apps?

Yes, there was a fix in (since superceded) that addressed the issue.


THANK YOU @gopher.ny - it works!


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