Eria Dimmer switch remote

The Eria Dimmer switch paired to HE with no issue.

I wanted to use it on a pair of zigbee bulbs. I went apps and create a new group, add the two bulbs and when I got to the dimmer selection, It is not listed in it.

How do I set this remote to work with the two Sengled bulbs which is also paired to HE?

Use Rule Machine with a "Button Device" trigger. Then you'll see options to configure the buttons to perform whatever actions you want. The Groups and Scenes apps can set up a group, but you need another app to control the group (same as you would with any device). This is my recommendation as far as built-in apps go.

PS - for terminology purppses, "dimmers" in Groups and Scenes means devices where you can set a level. Often, as the name suggests, this is an in-wall dimmer. It could also be a dimmable fixed-white smart bulb. Eria calls their product a "dimmer" becsuse it can emulate the behavior of one (as I suggest above), but to Hubitat it's just a button device. It does nothing on its own, nor does it have any concept of level (brightness) on its own. You can even use it for something totally unrelated to lighting if you want.

I managed to set up a RM for the remote .. so far I was able to set
1 - push on
2- held raising dimmer
3- held lowering dimmer
4 - push off

The push on and off worked on both bulbs but the held raising and lowering dimmer didn't work

This works if I set to increase or fade dimmer by 10 on each push ... Is there a way to increase or fade on held?

Yes, click on that dropdown for "Prefill all button actions for...." then select held. Then you can set whatever actions you want for HELD. HOWEVER, Button 1 HELD and Button 4 HELD are administrative for resetting remote and putting into pairing mode so you can only use HELD on button 2 & 3.

Do you mean emulating a "real" smart dimmer by beginning a level change when a hold is registered and stopping the level change when the button is released? If so, theoretically yes, but Hubitat does not support the commands you needed on groups. It would work with ah individual bulb. It could also work by selecting multiple individual bulbs, but then you're likely to notice inconsistent behavior with each bulb potentially starting or stopping the change at a different time. Still, you could try it if you wanted. The relevant RM actions are "Start raising/lowering dimmers" and "Stop raising/lowering dimmers." The key for either to work is that you need to see the "Start level change" and "Stop level change" commands (in the collection of buttons towards the top) of the device page in the admin UI.

Something you might consider instead: have a push change the level by a little, or have a hold change it by a lot. Alternatively, consider having some or all of these actions just set the lights to a specified level--in real life, there are likely only a few you'd want it at anyway (push and hold of 2 and 3 would give you four options), and it's less fun but might be more practical. :slight_smile:

I would recommend the following set of commands for your remote.

Press button 1 - turn on the group (have the group use zigbee group broadcast)
Press button 4 - Turn off group (optimized for zigbee broadcast)
Press 2 - start raising the two individual bulbs
Press 3 start lowering the two individual bulbs
Release 2 and 3 - stop changing the two individual bulbs.

Ahhhh that why dimmer won't work in group bulb settings ... I wish I pay more closer to your post and I would had more hairs remaining on my head!!!

Is there a reason why dimmer function had to be added to each bulb instead of bulb group?

Hubitat chose not to implement the "start level change" and "stop level change" commands on groups. There are a variety of reasons that probably lead to this decision, chief among them probably being that there is no guarantee that every device in a group will support these commands or implement them in the same way, which could lead to inconsistent behavior (it really would only stand a chance at working well if all bulbs in a group were the exact same, but without Hubitat making at least two different group drivers, that isn't possible now). With only two bulbs, your experience is still likely to be pretty good issuing a command to each.

But basically, it's a matter of what commands are implemented on the device, since issuing a command that isn't implemented (is not a good idea as it will probably cause an error and) will not do anything.

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