Equipment cabinet cooling

I’m about to move my computer and various hubs into an enclosed media cabinet. Wondering what people are using to cool something like this. It’s easy enough to put in a temp sensor and a fan connected to an on/off switch but wondering if there is something that offers low/med/high that hubitat can monitor

There are fans available with different settings. None that I'm aware of that Hubitat natively can monitor so you'll have to write something for it.

When you say "media cabinet" are you talking traditional A/V Media cabinet or Server Cabinet? Free standing or rolled into a wall area? If it's a server cabinet you can get a top unit fan and exhaust it out. Good units have IP interfaces for monitoring and control.

Traditional Media Cabinet with the TV sitting on top. Its warm now with just a cable box and appletv. I'll be adding 5 hubs and an unraid server. I am thinking I will cut something like this into the back.

Open front? Meaning open air flow? Or doors?

If it's an open front the number one importance is to remove the heat. Set the direction so it's pulling the air out of the cabinet and not trying to push air in. Otherwise you may want to consider one in front and one in back. Pull in cooler air in front and suck out hot air from the back.

If it's a sectional center with partitions you may want multiples of the fan. Depending on cabinet layout.

Why 5 hubs in the same grouping? Having one there to centralize the radio I can understand. The other 4 are connecting via the network so they could be in another area. They don't generate that much heat though. Same question with the UnRaid box. Why in the media center? Is it also directly attached to the TV for video output? If so that makes sense.

Loose fitting doors.

Were moving into a home without Ethernet, for the time being its all going to need to be together.

Before move in is prime time to do some upgrades to the wiring :slight_smile:

agreed but its a rental. I might be able to get away with powerline or MOCA but that is yet to be seen. For most things I think the Orbi Mesh should work fine.

I love the AC Infinity fans. Very quiet and reliable thus far.

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I built mine into a medium-sized credenza in the tv room. I was expecting heat problems and did a few things to try and keep it fan-less. That was about 4 years ago, and still no fans required.

1] Split the power bus into "Always On" and "Switched" --no need for those occasionally-used power modules and their devices to be sitting idle but heating. Switched is controlled by a zigbee switch on HE.

2] Locate the power bus high in the cabinet. The idea was to use the countertop as a heat sink and not bathe the hardware in heated air rising from the bus.

3] Use wire closet shelving instead of wood for better ventilation.

Oh - JUST A CONCEPT - but, i'd buy a sensor from @iharyadi to monitor temperature through the HE driver he released and then hook up some low noise fans maybe to some type of controller like a zooz multi controller and have fun with some serious rules. It's a concept. I wouldn't know what components to use to control the fans, but it sounds cool in though.