Enphase Solar monitoring

Hi, Im new to hubitat and trying to use this solar monitor. I imported the driver and the app from GitHub, but when I try to configure the app, my enphase does not show up in the device list. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help.

It would be good to see some logs of the error.

Do ensure you installed and configured properly with the local IP address/port.

There are examples a few notes above of folks showing their settings.

make sure when you enter the settings to hit save.

I removed mine several months ago since i wasn't using it for any automation...

Today I reinstalled from the ground up to see what I get and the only error that shows in my log is not being able to obtain yesterday's value (line 702) of the app code

The instructions above also indicate to wait up to 2 days before the graph will show... so that is what I will now do

The instructions indicate only 2 steps but there are many sub sets in each, including setting up the device with all the particulars...

I'll review again tomorrow, stay tuned

I just noticed this, did you create a virtual device and then assign it the Enphase Driver that you first installed?

I'm new to HE, I didn't know that I have to do anything else other than installing the app and the driver. I didn't get to the point to understand what a virtual device do. Can U help to walk me through the steps I have to take to get this to work?

Sure Tommy

From the HE main page, select Devices, then select Add Virtual Device
Give the new device a name, I used Solar
From the Device Type selection, scroll to the very bottom and select Enlighten Enphase (local), select Save Device (you should now have a new device)

From the device list, select it to open it up and enter the following info
Envoy Local IP Address
Enter the number of Inverters/Panels
Rated max power for each inverter
Panel size
Select Save Preferences

Now, from the HE main dashboard, select Apps, select Add User App
Select the Solar Graph app you installed earlier, select Close
From the main HE dashboard, scroll down to the bottom and open the new Solar Graph app you just installed
Select Envoy Device at the top and select the Device you created a few mins ago, select Done

Now the real hard part........... wait for a day or 2
Then open the Solar Graphs app, and select the Graph URL, it should work


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Thx a lot. Now I have data coming through. Is there a way to put that graph out on the dashboard?

That my friend is beyond me, which is in part why I removed it a while back... Didn't like going into the hub then the app to see the data


The dashboard has limitations on size, etc.

If someone has a generic way to generate a png from web output, we could look at that, but today we cannot just point the dashboard to the application URL and expect it to render.

The page is a URL, so if you can launch a separate browser / URL from the dashboard, it should work.

Hey Tommy,

My graph displayed today as expected, is yours working now?

It's gonna take a day to create graph.
Mine looks like this:

Yes, I have the graph also, however most of the values are 0 cuz I haven't received the PTO (permission to operate) yet. I was just testing the system and syncing the micros over the weekend.

PTO... LOL, our installer said, what can they do, tell you to turn it off

I never looked back


I noticed recently that my debug and verbose logging turns back on by itself shortly after I turn them off

This doesn't seem right to me
Can this be addressed?

It should turn them off after 30 mins automatically.

Should, however nope, I turn it off quite often, doesn't stay off

try hitting done when you change something. I just tested and it does shutoff in 30 mins.

there is a new version pushed, but really only has cosmetic cleanups

Debug is back on... haven't been in there since my last update

And the HE logs show debug entries

Hi I am seriously considering installing a solar array ~7.5kw. I live in MN which isn't the best but from all the numbers I have calculated it seems to make sense.

I would be getting Enphase inverters and probably LG panels.

How does everyone like the Enphase inverters?

Would you recommend solar in general?

I love my Enphase micro inverter setup. I have a 14.5kw setup. Only had it a year and already saving money. I'll be saving a TON more in the years to come.

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