Enhancement to Simple Lighting Automation App


This is a small request, and apologies if it has been made before.

When using the Simple Light Automation app, when selecting a turn on and off time, if you select turn on at sunset, you then have to choose turn off at sunrise. I would like to turn my outside lights on at sunset and off at midnight, so I will now have to use rule machine, to do something which could be made very straight forward for the end user under the Simple Lighting Automation App.


Hello!! I think once you start adding complexity you stop with the Simple part in Simple lighting. :grin:

RM is not really all that complicated and much more powerful. If you follow the prompts it's fairly intuitive. If you have any questions I've found the people here on the forums are very friendly and helpful.

There is a learning curve and you may find you have to create several rules rather than just one sometimes - not in your current case though!

Dont get me wrong, i am using RM for a variety of things, including this particular function currently.

As the Simple Light App allows for a choice between specific time and sunrise / sunset, the function is technically already in the app, so I suppose my point is more around why it dictates the time option for turning off, based on the turning on time. Just let the user choose the option.

I think maybe SL was almost an afterthought to help people get acclimated with the whole rule thing.. but I dunno.

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It's really easy to do in RM, but I get that adding such an addition to Simple Lighting doesn't make it overly complex. I guess it's just where do you draw the line and still have it follow its namesake. Not a bad suggestion for @bravenel though.

Pretty much what I have also done, with the exception of mine using away mode as a condition and adding a 5 minute delay on the false actions, to allow for when I arrive home during that period, and thus keeps the lights on past the rule going false due to mode switching to home from away.