Enhancement request: One central checkbox for enabling mesh network


I am not a super tech savy person but it seems like a good idea to enable the mesh network on as many devices as possible. My first suggestion would therefore be:

  • Enable mesh network by default

I asume that if a device doesn't support mesh networking, nothing happens if you enable it anyway? So from my non tech savy perspective it would seem like a good idea to have one cental mesh network enabling radio button, rather than one selector switch on each device. So my second suggestion is:

  • Create a single checkbox to enable mesh networking with one click for all devices.


Z-Wave and Zigbee mesh features are under control of the device firmware, not the hub, i.e, whether they are a router/repeater or not. Perhaps you are talking about the "Hub Mesh" feature? If so, that is different: that is a Hubitat-specific way to share devices on your LAN among multiple hubs. It is not related to Zigbee, Z-Wave, or the underyling device protocol at all. See here for more: Hub Mesh | Hubitat Documentation


Hi @bertabcd1234 ,
Thank you for your swift reply. I am slightly embarrased to say that, yes, I thought the 'Hub mesh' feature was in fact related to the mesh network controlled by the devices. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us less tech savy, but commited, hubitat users.

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Don't be embarrassed. That's how you learn!


Thanks @lcw731 :slight_smile:


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