Enhancement: Maker API Feature Request

@bravenel @bobbyD
A request for a small enhancement, I'm sorry if this has been requested previously.

Is it possible to export via Maker the room that a particular device is in? (i.e. specified in Hubitat).

For myself, I group all devices into Rooms, and I would like to carry that over (via Maker) into a dashboard.

Thank you for your consideration.

Next release.


Nice! I will absolutely make use of that feature!

Thank you!

I'll add that feature into hubiVue - so following :stuck_out_tongue:

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In the process of adding Rooms support to hubiVue I have found that MakerAPI does not always include the room attribute in all API requests. Can the developers check that /devices and /devices/all produce the same attribute set ??? I can code around it, but it looks to be a bug/omission in the API


@bravenel @bobbyD

OK, next release.

Latest release added this:

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