Enerwave ZW500D driver

Post removed on tues 22 Oct/2019

Again...you say directly in the post that you are porting someone else's work. Yet you have no attribution to the person who wrote the driver in the first place. You corrected this for another driver yesterday. Why would you do the same thing again?

Ryan, in smartthings it is under example generic z-wave metering DTH if you want to create a custom DTH you then start from there. it includes common zwave commands to control the device. It belongs to smartthings and I said that I ported from there.

Ryan, I thought about this, although I disagree, I will respect your input and remove all of my codes from hubitat. I just want things back the way it was with you and with thic community. You and others have helped me many times and especially you with the most recent was on the fan controller and the 2am sysmain time. I said back then I was in the process of lock down my system because it is where my dad is happy with it. That is why I show the community what I used and I have no intention to support any of it. Use it any way that would benefit one's system, that was what I thought.

Sincerely I regret having disagreement with you. I hold you in highest regards as one of active leader of this community. I hope you forgive me. You are life saver, I said it then it will remain true with me.

If you have no intention of supporting it moving forward, then you really shouldn't be posting it. When people use something and become dependent on it and then it is gone they are left scrambling. No one is saying don't release things on the forum. But there is a right way to do it and a wrong way. And not giving any attribution to the authors of the apps/drivers you pulled from is definitely the wrong way to do it. Serious developer have pulled all their software from the forum for this reason. So, it hurts all of us. I'm glad you've corrected the situation and I hold no ill will at all.