Enerwave RSM2 Plus Device Driver

I have the RSM2 plus and see that Eric Maycock seems to be the only person to have developed device drivers for this.

I tried the enerwave-rsm2-plus.groovy that he has, and it has on/off buttons and also child on/off buttons in the device but the child buttons do not turn on the devices second relay from what I can gather. the on/off buttons I believe turn either just the first relay on or both at the same time.

I am looking for a device driver which builds child devices for each relay if possible so that two switches are created. Does anyone know if that exists?

Eric's community name erocm123 does not seem to be here in the Community or I would have added him specifically to this thread.

He's with a newer and cooler name @ericm


Howdy @ericm . I finally came to the dark side from ST. You probably remember me bugging you in that world with a few questions?? I am glad you are here and am just trying to figure out the 3 DTH's you have for this device and if any do create child devices. I cant get them to work that way and your oldest DTH without the 'plus' seems work okay paired with virtual switches and Webcore to link them but want to try to streamline stuff so wondering if you are in the midst of building at DTH that creates child devices? Damn, that was a long sentance...

I don't plan on updating the drivers to support child devices. I really only have time to work on Inovelli devices. There is a "Virtual Device Sync" app that I created some time ago that I think should work with the older drivers. It streamlines the process of creating virtual devices and keeping them in sync with the main device.

Thanks for the reply. I'll take a look.

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