Energy monitoring broken for a few devices

I have a few devices that used to report power reliably, which no longer do.

They are one GE Zigbee Dimmer, and two GE Zigbee Switches. I have other GE Zigbee switches and dimmers that do keep reporting power normally.

The three that won’t report power have power reporting enabled with 1W threshold, and even if I hit refresh, it still won’t report anything other than zero.

I am trying to figure out whether it is a Hubitat bug, or whether it is the switches and dimmer themselves that are faulty ? The control and state are reported and work correctly, it is just the power that no longer does.

Here is a plot of the power reported. They all stopped reporting around mid September.

Below is a screenshot of debugging logs for one of them (the dimmer), when I changed the dimmer level

FWIW my GE Zigbee switches don't appear generate a power report on refresh.

Some ideas

  • check the device's events tab - no power events there since mid-september?
  • Double-check influxdb logger config
  • Re-pair device, see if it makes a difference

I did try to reset and repair one, it didn’t help.

However, I just power cycled these three circuit breakers, and magic: they all report power again… :man_shrugging:

So I guess the switches were somehow in a weird state and power cycling the switches themselves reset them to a good state.

So, I guess the iconic phrase « have you tried to shut it off and on again? » still holds true in 2023 for Zigbee switches…

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