Enbrighton Z wave plus outlet

I have a Enbrighton Z wave Plus outlet installed and works fine ..but what is the purpose of the SW 1 and 2 ?
Just the bottom switch is Z Wave .

@user1628 Is that a dual outlet? If so the garage fan is The parent. Turning that off/on turns off/on both sides of the dual outlet. The switches are the children. Turning off switch-1 or 2 just turns off that side. (Recommend renaming the children)

Expanding upon what rlithgow1 said above, I typically use only those child devices for the dashboard and for Alexa instead of the parent device.

But only the one outlet is z-wave?


Ok you don't have the dual outlet plug. So on the device page switch the driver to DEVICE and click save. Click all the delete options on that page. Now switch back to generic z-wave plus outlet and click save, then click configure.

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Thanks All!

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