Enbrighten 55256 Z-Wave Plus Smart Receptacle, different details

Identical receptacles installed side-by-side but different details in Z-Wave Details. Why?

ZWave routing is complex and difficult to understand, let alone explain. I make no pretense of being able to do either. But for some reason these two devices have found much different paths back to the hub. The left outlet looks like it has a much better path. However, ZWave devices will not generally seek a new route if the old one still works, even if there is a better route available. Not sure how long these two have been online, but ZWave does take a while to "settle in." You may see them change over time and start to look more alike.


@Pantheon - this exactly.

So one way to force a new route is the unpower device 0x0C, and then run a repair on 0x6F. Then power 0x0C again.

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