Enable/disable a device's battery reporting with a rule?

Specifically, the old version of the Leaksmart zigbee valve. No reason to have it polled other than a brief window for bptworld's device watchdog report.

This isn't possible, but it's also generally not something I would worry about. The battery is not "polled"; it is configured to report at...whatever the driver sets on pairing or with configure(), and I don't know Hubitat or Zigbee conventions for that, but normally some amount of change or time. In any case, under regular use, that's just the device reporting in. You won't get a poll, even if an app just asks to read the battery attribute value, unless you call refresh() and the device happens to be one that would actually wake up for that (most Zigbee devices in my experience do, but this does vary--but again, it won't happen without effort). Further, having this automatic reporting is valuable regardless of human time because then you'll still know if the battery becomes low, regardless of when it happens, and then you'll be able to see that information (instead of old information) the next time you look--or an app does.

All this, of course, assuming battery reporting works universally well, which it does not. Most people recommend not relying exclusively on battery reports for things like this; many rely on activity instead or combine the two methods of checking, both of which the app you're using is capable of doing--and I suppose you might be using it because you already know this. :smiley:

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