"Enable app events" for Motion Lighting?

@bravenel what does the "enable app events" toggle switch do in each motion lighting app's configuration page?

I don't remember seeing that until recently, but it's entirely possible I just missed it or something.


Some apps, specifically Rule Machine, Motion Lighting, Simple Automation Rule, Hubitat Safety Monitor, and HSM Rule all send app events when they do things. These are for diagnostic purposes. The first three apps on that list now have the option not to send these events.

The value of these events is that they are recorded in the Events section of the App Status page (click on the Events button). This is useful if you think an app didn't do something it was supposed to do (e.g., the light didn't turn on -- blame the app). If the app event is there, it sent the command to the device, so if the device didn't turn on, next one would look at the device's events.


So it’s helpful for troubleshooting but no particular reason to leave enabled for longer term?

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Yeah, but bear in mind my example of blaming the app. First thing we're going to ask for to diagnose some app problem will be Logs and Events.

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Just thinking about how to reduce log entries when I can.

Thanks for the clarification!

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