Curious to hear if anyone has done any sort of integration with EmonPi? Eg displaying power stats in a tile or any thing else ?

Are you already using emonPi?

If not, you may want to look at the IoTaWatt instead as it supports 14 CTs. I wrote a simple integration for Hubitat already.

Sorry for my extremely late reply! does the integration rely on emoncms ? If so may be able to adapt for emonpi

I am not aware of any emoncms or emonpi integrations for Hubitat. I was simply providing you with a completely different option, if you had not already invested in the emon hardware.

Ah ok, I thought I read somewhere it’s running emoncms as well so was wandering if the integration was with emoncms or via some other means.

You are correct that the IoTaWatt can send data to emoncms and InfluxDB. However, my IoTaWatt integration directly communicates over the local LAN from the Hubitat hub to the IoTaWatt device.

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