Emergency Dashboard

I have a couple of tablets that I created a dashboard to show door status and weather info. The tablet is running a program called Fully Kiosk Browser. It's home page is a webpage on a raspberry PI that has a Digital clock that uses 1/3 of the page and the rest of the page linked to the dashboard showing door status etc. Given what I already am doing is there a way to as an event happens can the dashboard change to a different dashboard during the event?

Fully Kiosk api allows you to do that. You have to have the pro version. I think there is info on doing this on here somewhere. Do a search and you can probably find it.

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Interesting that Fully Kiosk would do that. Thanks!!

Yup, you should definitely be able to do this with a fully kiosk browser plus license and @gavincampbell’s Hubitat driver that makes use of the app’s REST API.

Thanks marktheknife I will give it a try