Emergency control of Hubitat Devices

I'm guessing because the ZRC-100 isn't on the list of supported devices that it won't work as a secondary controller. Shame because it has a nice LCD screen. When I included it HE selected "Device" as the type of device. No transfer of device info. I have a couple ZRC-90 controllers, but don't know how I would know what devices where assigned to which keys. The URC-550 is interesting, but it also is not included in the comp. device list. I'm going to look into OpenZwave Control Panel....thanks for pointing that out.

"Device" is correct for that Remote. It has no Commands or functions that the HUB itself can use. It's on it's own, really. For the most part, what it does is 'invisible' to the Hub. One exception is Include/Exclude. The Hub's ZWave controller (Primary) is what's known as a SIC, which means the Hub issues the "next Node Address" value. Therefore, the Primary Controller knows when a Device is Included or Excluded by the Secondary.

See if that Remote has a "Receive Configuration" exposed. For OZWCP, Include often works best for me when I click "Send Node Information", followed by "Receive Configuration".

I usually try "Receive Configuration" first, but when it doesn't I go the longer two click method.

Oh.. and make sure you give it long enough to gather the DB, it's never instant. More than once I thought it had failed only to find it all done when I got back from refilling my refreshment.

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No receive configuration. I think the ZRC-100 is a lost cause. I'm going to work on getting my spare C-5 to offer a solution....at least a way to power cycle the C-4 if it's stuck. Any suggestions on how to let the C-5 know the C-4 is non-responsive?

I created a virtual switch (C4-HeartBeat) on the C-4, and a rule to toggle it every 30 seconds. Then added C4-HeartBeat to Link To Hub. And on the C-5 I created a rule that if C4-HeartBeat hasn't changed in 60 seconds to do stuff. Simple, but I think it will work ok.