Emergency Alerts Medical

I need a device or two to sound alarms that I can hear both inside the house and out. They would sound with a button push and continue sounding for, say, 30 seconds or until the button is released. Different sounds resulting from different buttons would be nice

I have a C5 and prefer Z-wave.

My wife will be getting home dialysis treatment and needs a way to get my attention quickly. I am also thinking about a camera so that I can check her status from time to time. I'm not sure about connecting that to Hubitat, though.

Suggestions greatly appreciated.


Mike M.

A couple of Aeotec sirens (one inside and one outside) and any button controller should do it. Simply create a button rule to set it off

Thanks. Am trying a Dome siren, as it's cheaper. May regret it.

Hubitat does make it easier to set up this kind of thing!

Mike M

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