ELKO ESH Zigbee series equipment with HE?


ELKO have the ESH series that also is Zigbee, but not sure if we can have them work with HE. I was thinking/hopeing the generic drivers might work, but have to test it.

I am about to test this device, the Elko ESH Plus 316GLED:

Let you know how it works out. I have seen a driver for it for ST, so we might have some luck here.

Anyone else had any luck or test done with ELKO devices?

Kind regards
Oslo, Norway

Any luck with this?



This device appears to be a typical zigbee dimmer, it should work with the generic zigbee dimmer driver.

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Not yet gotten hold of one, they are a tad expensive, but will inform if I get hold of one. First testing a Xiaomi dimmer. The $200 price kind og gives me a lite shock... :flushed::face_vomiting::money_mouth_face::dizzy_face:

I can confirm that they work with generic driver. It did when I tried two years ago! :slight_smile:

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