Elk M1 via M1XEP Development

Haven't seen this so will have to investigate.

Can I see what happens just before these messages.

Here is what I did now.
Went to HE apps and selected Elk M1 Application.
Created another device "Townhouse" and imported my Elk's data again.
HE devices now shows the 2 Townhouse's all populated with Elk's devices.
Looking at logs, the original Townhouse device still producing the error I sent you. No other entries.
I went to this bad townhouse device and manually removed all it's devices, then I cleared it's ip and port and saved. I cannot just remove it because it is greyed out.
HOWEVER the new Townhouse device is back working and logs showing normal activity.
So I went back to HE Apps and removed the Elk M1 Application app and rebooted my HE.
Then I reinstalled the Elk M1 app and set it up all over again.
Now in HE devices I still have 2 Townhouse devices. One blank with no Elk devices came back again, and the other NEW Townhouse device with all my Elk sensors, etc. This one is logging normal activity.

However I would like to completely remove the old broken Townhouse device even though it has no Elk devices in it now.
What do you suggest?

Hmmm...This might be over my head sorry! I would try removing the app again then go to devices and see if either townhouses is still left. If so I would install the app without importing anything and then remove the app a second time then check if they are both gone. I will think about another way but since I am not a programmer we may need assistance from the community.

I tried everything, but no joy. I contacted support to have them remove the Townhouse device.

I also created a new device via the Elk M1 app but named it Elk M1. It is populated and working so far. I even added a Motion lighting app to control a light using my occupancy sensor, and it is working.

I will continue to test from this end.

So now I noticed that the Device Elk M1 no longer reports alarm status. Current states is always blank, even after doing a Request Arm status.
Logs show status request happens, but nothing showing under Current states.

Yes I turned this logging off since it might have been contributing to the delays.

Everytime a zone changed it was updating arm status for all 8 areas. It should still show something like this:

app:1862019-03-07 01:32:44.339 pm debugElk M1 Module: Connection Driver: AlarmStates: 00000000
app:1862019-03-07 01:32:44.326 pm debugElk M1 Module: Connection Driver: ArmingStatusState: 11111111
app:1862019-03-07 01:32:44.310 pm debugElk M1 Module: Connection Driver: ArmStatuses: 00000000
app:1862019-03-07 01:32:44.296 pm debugElk M1 Module: Connection Driver: Parsing Incoming message: 1EAS00000000111111110000000000E2

Is this something we need to get back if so what is the use case? I would have to think of a better way to implement it. Unless it had nothing to do with the delays you spoke of.

Was support able to help you remove the device? I thought maybe you could restore to a backup possibly.

How about this.....
Turn it back on and lets see if indeed the delays also come back.

Right now as of yesterday, I have automated my lights via Motion light app, and as of this morning, things are working smoothly.

With the alarm bit working, I will also be able to use the current state to get Tasker up as well and use RFID tags for arm/disarm as well as door control.

If you do change the driver, would the install effect the M1 app whereby I would have to import Elk devices again?

No it would not!

Posted new Elk M1 driver to github this adds back alarm state codes to see if this is contributing to a delay.

With your driver change, now have back current states. Since my Elk is "not ready" (I have zones open), the status says "zone unbypassed".

Can you change this status to say either "ready" or "not ready"? Makes more sense.


In the meantime, I'll watch auto light functions today and night and see if the delays return.

Where can I see the "zone unbypassed" status? Is this in the logs or is there a field somewhere?

devices>Elk M1> field "current states

Ok well that is coming from an event code so perhaps I am misusing the current states field. I will need a bit of time to work on this one.

Actually Mike, maybe hold off on that one. Let me try a workaround so you don't spend time on that.

But I am running into another issue with outputs. When a output is switched on, it's status reports as 1. And off is 0. The problem is that HE looks at a switch either "On" or "Off". As such, HE does not see this output doing anything. Can you correct the variable state in the M1 App to send On and Off?

I think I got the current states thing figured out. I retooled the code we were taking out and putting back in to just look at area 1. I now see on my device page the following:

Arm State (ie. Ready to Arm)
Arm Status (ie. Disarmed)
Alarm State (ie. No Alarm Active)

I can check the output states. When I tested outputs I must have just checked if they were turning on and off but maybe forgot about reporting.

Thats great work there. I'll give it a go after you update your Github.

Ok it will be sometime later tonight. I am on US east coast time. I will see if I can push the outputs fix also. That shouldn't be a hard fix.