Elevation Looses Commication and Now Boot Fail

Perhaps that network is saturated with broadcast traffic?, I would fire up wireshark and see what the traffic looks like on each of those vlans...

That was a great suggestion.. thanks.., so I created an empty "NoT" VLAN, and placed the hub in that VLAN. Navigating the hub went right back to painfully slow. I suspect the sensors and hub will lock up eventually.

I placed the hub back on the main LAN.

So, what are the lessons learned?

Does this VLAN have internet access? If not that's likely the problem.

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Yes, VLAN had internet access, as does my IoT VLAN

I have all of my hubs on a IoT VLAN and they are working just fine. Here is what I would try: connect your hub to the IoT VLAN and connect your client also to the IoT VLAN and see how it responds. If it is fast, the issue is the guy in the middle. If it is slow, I would fire up a wire shark to see what is happening on that network.

Are you moving the hub to a different physical switch when you move it between your main VLAN and your IoT VLAN? There are some switches that have an incompatibility with the C5 Ethernet Chip that can cause this slowness. It is related to auto negotiation.

Do you have any CRC errors on the port where your hub is connected to when it is on the IoT VLAN?

  1. I'll give that a try.
  2. Hub stay's attached to the same switch and port
  3. I'll have to check when I try 1