Elevation iOS App - Can't link/add another portal user

I recently found out there is a Hubitat mobile app and it supports geofencing natively, sweet! I would love to drop Life360 if I can. I was able to link my account to my hub with no issues. However, I created portal account for my wife and I cannot link it to the hub. If I log into the portal with her account, then find the hub, select it and login (using the hub's admin account), I am just left sitting at the main hub UI. I have no option to add or link my wife's account to the hub. I have dug through the documentation and done extensive searching to no avail. Can anyone help?


Welcome to the Hubitat Community!

You said you read some documentation. Did you see this How to article yet?


Yes I read that. The steps don’t follow like I said.

You need to add accounts from the master account in portal. Just login, go to my hubs and pick your hub, add the email address of an existing portal account and you are set.

How do I do this? I haven’t found a way to do this.

On portal.hubitat.com, log into your account.
Select the hub you want to add someone to.
Type in the email address of your wife’s account.
Click on Add User.

I swear I tried this a ton of times and never saw this option. Thanks this worked.

No problem. Glad I could help.