Elevation C7: Possible faulty z-wave radio?

Thank you very much for your comments, I have already removed the APP for daily reboot automatic, and I will build a routine that evaluates the memory as you suggested.

Thank you very much for your comments. I see that I will have to buy the USB Stick 700 and do the debugging you comment on. Can you recommend me the USB Stick from Amazon that you think is better? Thanks.

Thank you very much for your comments. I now have a dilemma, if S0 is not S2, where did all the devices go that I accepted security pairing? I don't have any S2 and I am sure that I have accepted several for S2.

If S0 is bad, then I will try to remove it, from my almost 80 devices only 4 are S0, strangely a siren, a smoke/co detector and another exactly like it is not with S0, a lock and a lamp. In short, by your explanation, only the lock could be accepted with S0.

Mission to remove everything and try to make the pairing again.

Thanks again!

Hi, today I finally removed and reinstalled what I had S0, however 4 devices there was no way to enter without Security, and not to create a problem in Hubitat z-wave network, I installed again in my old hub Vera: Door Lock Yale B1L YRD110-ZW-0BP, Smoke Sensor Smoke (2x) and Bulb Zipato RGBW2.US. Unfortunate that Hubitat can't work around this problem.

The unfortunate thing is that this is a requirement of the 700 series Zwave chipsets, Hubitat probably would rather not be burdened with this requirement. I think your blame is misplaced here.

The door locks are OK to have with S0, they don't seem to be the offenders to crashing the network. They are only intermittently transmitting, and they aren't devices that are sending lots of things at one time like a multi-sensor does. So you could put that back on Hubitat without much concern.

In general if you have only a couple S0 devices, or if you adjust settings to minimize what and how often devices are transmitting, you probably won't have any problems.

It is when you have lots of S0 and they are chatty devices like multi-sensors or power reporting devices (especially when these types of devices are misconfigured) do you have issues.


Thanks for your comment, and it makes sense what you mention about returning the lock, even though it is S0. I will do this.
I think a big problem I had, was a siren (Aeontec ZW080 US) that was the second device I added, and I was looking at that it turned out to be a big repeater on my network and it was S0. When I removed it and added it again, it didn't ask the security question, but came back without the security key, so that may have been one of the reasons for the failures.
Well now I have one step to do to improve my network, I will install the external antenna on the hub, I already bought the accessories and next week I will return with the result.

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If you need any help or advice just lemme know. I've done about 150 of them now.



Thanks for telling me, I am following what is in this excellent post of yours every step of the way (External Antenna - #28 by lewis.heidrick).

Today I finally managed to buy on Amazon the components.

For safety, I also bought this other antenna, which works in three frequency bands.

I will follow your step by step, it doesn't seem too difficult with your great explanation.


Hi Lewis!
Please, I have a question.
The material arrived, and I will follow your step-by-step instructions on how to install the external antenna.
After I make this change, how should I make the Z-Wave network devices search for Hubitat again, and understand that there may be a better way, and maybe direct to the hub?

Time is your friend. It will take several days/weeks for your hub to settle with the new stronger connection. I upgraded mine months ago and things continue to change daily.


Plugging it back in a lot of devices will go direct right off the bat. Maybe 75% or so and the rest will take a little time. It varies based on device count, number hops that devices have to muddle through to figure out the better path. An individual device repair could help as well as air gapping the device if it has it. It will take some time as well.


Ok let’s waiting the result.

Way too much solder and all the connections are bridged. Need the have solder only touching the pad and the pin it goes to.

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Yes, it had become very bad, I removed everything, cleaned and put new contact with minimal solder. I forgot to take a picture, but already saw the excellent result quickly.

The question I have is whether to use the 915Mhz antenna, or the 868/900/915Mhz antenna. Which one would you recommend?

What country? Really depends on the antenna. The filter on the zwave radio will filter out the other frequencies but a tuned antenna will usually perform better if the frequency center is right at the correct frequency.

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I live in Panama and we use US equipment.

What is the specs on the antenna? Even if they list a single frequency there is usually a hill shape of other frequencies they also pickup.

I bought it on Amazon, it came from China, and of course, there is a little information as possible. Both have the same description, I just checked:

Frequency:868MHZ/900MHZ/915MHZ(GSM 824-960Mhz )
Connector: SMA male
Polarization: vertical
Impedance:50 Ω

As you commented, the ideal would be to have one in the correct frequency, in my case 908.4MHz, but I have searched Amazon, e-Bay, Alibaba and can not find it. If you know of someone who manufactures and can recommend thank you.

Anyway, after already 12 hours the difference is impressive, I could make a movie, all my problems in the last two months of devices failing, slow reaction, send light 7 lamps together and always some fail, press an icon on the dashboard and nothing happens. I did some tests now, and nothing failed. Also, the reaction of the devices is much faster.

Another point that you commented, direct devices on the HE, before I started there were about 15, now there are 34 of 64 and I believe based on your experience the network will stabilize and I should increase this number.

@lewis.heidrick @ritchierich @neonturbo

I want to thank you all for all the information, tips, great support.


I don't want to necro this thread, but I can see its grown in size and has an assorted number of valuable insights listed, but I can now report that my z-wave network is more or less rock solid with both wired (~100+ z-wave, z-wave+) and battery powered devices (30+).

As suspected, this was a problem with the zwave radio firmware, and the symptoms were captured perfectly. The send stack on the zwave radio became unresponsive, and as a result, all devices in the mesh effectively DDOS the hub attempting to report their status.

The fix was going over to the newer z-wave firmware that was packaged as part of 2.3.1 update. No further change was necessary to alleviate the problem.


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