Electronic Mortise Lock WiFi

I am upgrading windows and doors and wanted a better door mechanism than just deadbolt. I really like the Multi-Point locks for doors but there not really any options for smart locks for them. I did happen to find a mortise set from Accurate that is WIFI and Bluetooth capable and battery operated. So you have the ease of install not having to run cable through the door. See link. The cool thing is that it is compatible with trims from other brands so you can have nice door handles as well.

If there are other options that anyone here knows about, please send them in.
I like using the MPLS or Mortise style because they are stronger, last longer and you can open a bolted door with just the lever and not have to turn the bolt and lever. (free egress).

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Check out the Danalock V3 Zigbee. Don't go with a WiFi lock. Poor battery life, and no direct connection to the hub.


Nice lock but does not work with mortise or multi-point locks in the US.

Weird. Why? Mortise locks are what everyone uses in Europe. I'm completely ignorant as to why this wouldn't work on a new mortise lock in the US. What's so different?


I am not a locksmith but pretty sure the door sizing is different. Also Zwave is different. Maybe the mortise is also different sized such that the trims from other manufactures will not fit it. Others that I have found but too commercial or hardwired.

I know the Z-Wave is different. I'm not suggesting the Z-Wave, I'm suggesting Zigbee which is the same world-wide.


I’ve experienced the same problem as @pricebn. It’s not a question of the radio frequency, but of the lock design, and specifically whether a smart lock can support a mortise door. I know of several attempts at developing smart mortise lock solutions for consumers, but each was abandoned due to design problems. If you think about the mechanics, it’s actually a very hard design problem to solve at consumer price points.

I have a mortise lock on my front door and would do anything to integrate into my smart home without replacing its multipoint attributes.

There are some choices but not very good designs or requires monthly fees, or doesnt have a keypad or it is hardwired only. I like the Yale Conexis but there are no buttons for using a code. Must use phone or FOB.

Appreciate the references. I was aware of most ..., to my knowledge none are zwave/Zigbee-based or otherwise hub compatible. Looking for an integrated solution ... not a stand-alone one. Also, most (all?) of these are priced and sold for businesses not consumers.

These lock systems are so much stronger and last much longer, you would think most would want on their home vs business. They are more costly.

Just noticed a potential game-changer with smart mortise door locks. This product from Yale is reportedly z-wave plus, with a swapout zigbee module. Seems like it's too good to be true.
And Warning: if you look this up, please be careful when you look at the price--wouldn't want anyone to get hurt.

Has anybody tried this? If so: (1) please give me a million dollars (because clearly you have too much money); and (2) wonder if it's real and whether it be HE-compatible given that it's z-wave plus or zigbee?

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