Effectively Controlling Any Garage Door

I've been trying to find a way to control my garage door via Hubitat for a while. I have a Chamberlain opener that uses one of the "smart" wall switches that has two wires but a number of functions. After a bunch of research I learned that it is nearly impossible to "spoof" the GDO into thinking anything else is the the provided wall mount controls without an advanced electrical engineering degree.

I found a post elsewhere that described how to get it done in an innovative way. I purchased the Zooz MultiRelay and a $25 remote clicker from Home Depot that works with my garage door opener. I programmed the remote to open and close the door. I then opened the remote and soldered a pair of wires to the switch and connected the other end to the relay. When you activate the relay it closes the switch on the remote and the door opens. Magic!! No modifications to the opener itself at all. Easy as pie! I have two doors and got a two door opener and used the first two relays in the Zooz Multirelay and have one i still can use. No drivers, no special code,


I had a similar experience and decided the "Smart wall button" was the cause. I considered doing the same, but ultimately I looked at the "Smart wall button" with it's blinking time and temps that I didn't need or use and replaced it with a "Stupid Wall Button" from the same line. It was better than I expected. The button is huge, easy to tap with an elbow while being a pack mule for groceries and nothing at all to distract. The button on the original one was a 'flap' along the lower edge that was perfect for fingers and not so good with elbows.

It was hard to decide to replace because the "smart" one was included and in hand. Couple of moments with a soldering iron and I'd be done vs waiting 2-3 days to receive the $10 replacement.

How do you know if it’s open or closed? Don’t you still need to tie in tilt sensors?

The OP mentions his Chamberlain GDO..

I have the Linear (Go-Control/Iris) version. Very similar: they come with a tilt sensor that becomes part of the GDO ZWave Command set. I had an independent Tilt Sensor long before I got the Linear GDO and I still use IT as my primary for Open/Closed.

The DIY solutions have differing methods of adding an independent 'Tilt Sensor' (Some people just use magnetic contact sensors, one for open, one for closed, but that's a variation on the DIY theme. :smiley: )

Right now it works just like the button - it changes from open to closed or from closed to open. Not intelligent at all.

I do have a tilt sensor on my desk and just included it. I'll put a indicator on a dashboard so I know at a glance if the door is open or closed. I'm going to also use it to send a text message when the door is open or closed. And I'll send out another if the door is open longer then 5-10 minutes. But I really don't see a need to use it to control the door.

Now all i need to do is to learn how to send out a text menage. That will be tomorrow's task.

Pretty much what I did here.

This solution should work with every garage door. Some people are just intimidated by the soldering though. Its also locally controlled and fully customizable. I've been using it for a while with no issues at all. It just works. I also have the setup sitting inside my house and not in the garage itself which I prefer.

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