Effectively Cancelling Zone Motion Using a Switch

I only put this in the Lounge for vanity... I feel like I should have a solution to this but can't think of one and am interested in the opinions of others... Enough pre-amble....

The short version is.... You (we) have a Zone Motion detection setup that is used in the Motion Lighting App, timing out after X minutes, but lights can also be turned off manually using a switch within the same ML App, using the Alexa / Google device. When you (we) use the switch, how should we deal with the zone motion status?

The loooooonnnggggg version... Don't say I / we didn't warn ourselves....(?) :slight_smile:

I could dumb down my Study to the following setup:

  • Two Hue downlights
  • One Hue motion sensor
  • A Virtual motion sensor based on activity on my PC, activated via Maker API

The two lights are part of a HE group and HE scenes, with HE scenes aligned with HE modes, including Study - Day, Study - Evening, Study - Relax and Study - Night. The physical and virtual motion sensors are part of a "Study" zone in the Zone Motion app.

The crux of my question is, when I want to cancel motion lighting motion lighting setup using switch, how should I handle the switch back?


Create a virtual switch that when is on the motion detection is stopped. When the rule resets the 1st thing it does is turn the virtual switch off. This is how I handle my front door. When door is open the virtual "mute" switch is turned off and a timer starts at 2 minute increments. If the mute switch comes on I get a notice that the door has been left wide open but for a purpose but of the mute switch stays off the rule will squawk at me that the door is open. Either will continue until the door is closed then the rule resets. I think the same could be applied in your case.

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Hmmmm... Maybe... I need to think about it some more...

Here is the rule so you can see how it works..

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(Perhaps.... yes) I didn't explain my situation well enough.... No reflection on your offering of your rule @rlithgow1. And maybe I still haven't seen the connection....

I have a physical motion sensor and a virtual motion sensor in a zone, the biggest timeout being the virtual at 5-6 minutes. If I turn off the lights in the room where these motion sensors operation as a "zone", then walk back into the room in the next 30 seconds, for example, how can I make sure the lighting rule still triggers?

Ahh I see a little more clearly now. I thought you were trying to temporarily shut the motion down. Hmmm Ok how about two physical motion sensors where the rule runs normally but if you turn off the lights manually that the other motion sensor has to be in play so that when you walk back in it will trip? (Not sure if I'm making sense or not)

Making sense to me.... Not sure if that means your making sense... but certainly thinking the same as me.. :slight_smile:

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Can I just give props to your passive aggressive house! I think we should all aim for snarky alongside smart in our houses lol.


Me too... would seem a little odd to offer the same commentary to myself... but like other life partnerships.... if you are going to endure the critiques from those who enjoy / endure our creations, it makes sense they should also share our sense of humour....

Nothing passive about it lol