Edit scene after adding new switch

After I have added a new switch and want to add it to a scene, the switch dropdown does not contain the new switch, so I can't select it. If I create a new scene, the new switch is available in the dropdown to include in the scene. How can I add a new switch to an existing scene and not have to recreate it?

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I have the same issue... As I add new devices (zigbee lights mostly), I have to delete and recreate all my scenes because the new devices don't show up on the dropdown. Is this a bug or how it's supposed to be?

I have never tried to add new lights to an existing scene, but I have heard that complaint before. So I think it is a bug? (Or just the way it works?)

Bruce, can you confirm? Edit: looks like you were tagged here too. Bug? Scenes not listing newly added devices

I just replied to that thread. The fix he mentioned works, but I was wondering if this will be fixed in a future release (just for convenience).

I had tagged him here, but it would be better to keep it all in one thread. So since you tagged him over there first, no need to duplicate things.

Agree, thanks!