Ecowitt weather devices

Just got some Ecowitt devices and looking forward to getting them setup with @anon81541053 driver from [RELEASE] Ecowitt GW1000 Wi-Fi Gateway - Community Drivers - Hubitat

Massive shout out to who I ordered direct from as there's no distributors in the UK that I could find.

Ordered last Wednesday, shipped on Friday and delivered this morning, all the way from China. I wasn't expecting that at all, given they'd said 3 - 5 weeks for shipping! Also seem to have got lucky as I didn't get hit with any import duties or VAT.

I only went for the WiFi gateway and a handful of soil sensors at the moment, but am planning to replace a whole bunch of Oregon Scientific stuff in the next few months assuming the ecowitt setup proves robust!


Yeah that's not that great, but on the other hand I think their web service is actually pretty good!

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It seems like this driver has disappeared, any idea what happened to the driver, @martyn?

The original developer has left the HE platform and the Community, but he has left the code for the rest of us to use. I have been in contact with him and taken a copy that I am planning to get back in to Hubitat Package Manager soon. If you need a copy, they are located here.



The drivers are now back:

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