Ecowitt weather devices

Just got some Ecowitt devices and looking forward to getting them setup with @mircolino driver from [RELEASE] Ecowitt GW1000 Wi-Fi Gateway - Community Drivers - Hubitat

Massive shout out to who I ordered direct from as there's no distributors in the UK that I could find.

Ordered last Wednesday, shipped on Friday and delivered this morning, all the way from China. I wasn't expecting that at all, given they'd said 3 - 5 weeks for shipping! Also seem to have got lucky as I didn't get hit with any import duties or VAT.

I only went for the WiFi gateway and a handful of soil sensors at the moment, but am planning to replace a whole bunch of Oregon Scientific stuff in the next few months assuming the ecowitt setup proves robust!


Ecowitt hardware is, in my experience, very good. I've had about 10 sensors (including 3 soil sensors in my backyard) for almost 1 year now without any issue. Gateway is super solid as well (with my unifi wifi). Only negative note is their WS View app, really subpar. But once you have the Hubitat integration going, you'll hardly ever use it.

Yeah that's not that great, but on the other hand I think their web service is actually pretty good!

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