Ecowitt GW1100b keeps dropping offline

In the last few days my Ecowitt 1100b keeps dropping off line and been a royal pain to get in back online. Partially because of the process and partially because of where it is located. Has anyone else noticed or had this problem? The thing has been steady for over a year. Now all of a sudden it s having issues. I can get a new one, they are fairly cheap. But don’t want to go through re-adding and configuring all my devices (I think I’m at around 20 devices currently).

Sorry, I have a GW1000b that is a couple years old now, no issues.

Anything changed with it lately? Could there be issues with the USB power supply that it runs on?

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This probably won't help, but I just added a third console yesterday. I now have one big one and two little ones. I like the little ones, and they emit a nice glow a night, lol.

Anyway, you didn't note the nature of "offline". Is it communications with the array or wifi, or is it plugged into ethernet?

I've found that the position of the console can be critical. The original place I mounted the new little console totally dropped comms with the array--blanks for outside stuff. I moved it 90 degrees and about 6 feet away, and...beautiful. Same thing with the big console.

I originally thought the loss of comms could have been due to the number of consoles, but it was just position.

I found that the lightning detection sensor, which is very close to the array,signal strength is strong all the time.

You do mention re-configuring all your (20!) devices, so this isn't your issue I guess.

I like the power supply as the perp as well. I've had two power supplies on the same laptop crap out, one very lately.

I have no idea what it means, but everyone talks of Jumbo Frames when things act flaky, lol.

Not that i am aware of. i haven't added any devices in a few months. I hadn't thought about the power supply. I could try changing out the adaptor block it is in when i get home. I spent about 45 minutes last night getting it back online. Then I noticed this morning it dropped offline again about 0330. I got it back online about 0600 this morning. Just looked a few minutes ago and it seems to be holding in there. If i do end up having to replace it, that may just push me to go ahead and get the wittboy with the GW2000.


It's Wi-Fi. The GW1100 isn't exactly a console (I actually have thought about adding one to it, as part of the broader weather station upgrade project I'm working on). It is more of a funky device with an external antenna that plugs into a USB (cellphone/ Fire/ Roku type) adapter block. It has been in the same spot for over a year with no issues. doesn't have an ethernet port (I believe the GW2000 does, and I noticed they sell a POE adapter for it, so I may just end up going that route so it's a wired connection.

Yeah, I have several Temp/ humidity (both indoor and outdoor) sensors, four Soil Moisture sensors, Soil Temp, lightning, AQI, and rain gauge. The last (and biggest piece) i need is to upgrade by actual weather station. I've just been on the fence between the Wittboy and the WS 69. Since the WS69 apparently no longer includes the console, that too will also just push me towards the Wittboy.

Yep, I was just noticing that, and they also sell a POE splitter for it. I'm leaning towards just going that way. A bit of futureproofing can't hurt. I'm noticing they seem to have gotten away from the bundles.

Yep. I like the HP2550, which I believe is also compatible with the wittboy as well as the gw2000.


The consoles are pretty nice too. :slight_smile:

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This one can be connected by ethernet.


With the consoles, you don't need a gateway-it is the gateway.
Even my little WN1980 talks to all the different types of sensors-it doesn't display lightning, soil, air quality though, like the HP2560.

I don't know why you say the WS69 doesn't come with the HP2560 console-I recently bought one from below:

I know, but the gateway give you a multiplier if you have more of the devices that the console supports (I'm on track to have that situation with Temp/humidity and soil moisture sensors. Plus, I started out with the GW1100 before started to go down he ecowitt rabbit hole.

For some reason when I look at the ecowitt website, it's all broken out, there are no bundles (sensor array/ console) listed. When I click the link, you posted i see the bundle, but if i open a new tab and go to, I don't see the bundle, weirdness.

If its wifi issues do you have the channel locked on your router? Maybe it changed channels.

I think they have a message that says that's not the place to buy stuff. You have to go to shop.ecowitt.....etc

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I didn't know that.

I keep forgetting that. I don't know why they don't just redirect to that page. But also, I see they have it broken out as Weather station kit, hadn't noticed that before.

Well, I replaced the adapter block last night. Hopefully that will take care of it. If it still keeps acting up, I think I will likely get a GW2000 and just connect it to my POE switch.

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You know, on the WS69 vs Wittboy thing, aside from having to keep the Wittboy warm in the winter for wind measurement, I like the fact I can look up and see the thing working. The little cups spinning around and the arrow pointing into the wind. But that's just me.

I'll have to check and see I did have a weird Wi-Fi issue the other day where everything was showing offline, even though stuff was still clearly functioning like it was connected. I ended up going in and shutting everything, router, model, hubs down and rebooting it. First time I've had to do that in several years.

I live in Texas; we only get this "winter" you speak of every 10 years or so... But seriously, we don't typically get all that cold, typically n the upper 30's to mid 40's. However, I think I could buy that extension cable and just keep a set of batteries in it during the winter months. I probably need to dig into that a bit more. As for seeing it work, I can appreciate that, but where have it mounted. It's not all that visible. I have debated moving it to the roof, though I suspect my solar panels could skew it. I rely more on the console for that. I also have a soil temp sensor, rain gauge (so that would actually be duplicative) and a lightning sensor all on the same mast. I'll admit I need to find a better way to mount that rain sensor. I threw together a arm with PVC but it looks kind of trashy. the main mast is a piece of 3/8 inch conduit. I probably need to find a way to fashion an arm out of that and attach it. or just move it closer to the house and attach it to an eve or piece of trim.

Finding best location is hard-best to have separate sensors instead of an array, I guess, since one location not best for all. Plus, you have to think about maintainability.

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I see now WS90 heater is a plugin type. Humm I may need to rethink this, as there is no power out there.

When I get home Ill post a picture of the general (current) system (a mix of Ecowitt and Accurite). It is mostly attached to the back fence away from the house and most trees (though there is one tree that has grown substantially since it was put up, hence why I'm considering moving it in the first place. But overall, I think it is still the best spot for it. The rain gauge would be duplicative, but I don't know how much I trust that haptic rain sensor.

My array is under some trees.
My latest purchase, which I haven't installed, was a Tropo rain gauge.
In for a penny, in for a pound.

Which actual weather station did you actually end up going with again?


So far seems to be staying connected this morning.
Here is what i have so far