Ecowitt gw1000 and moisture sensors?

oh man, sorry i made pancakes lol, i appreciate it, do you litterally just search for the term and switch it out in the code?

Yea, find/replace, 2 seconds...

This seems a lot harder and a lot easier at the same time....... Interesting how this works. Thank you I appreciate your help it's actually working great now. And now I have a little bit more of an example on how to make a custom driver.

Great, enjoy the pancakes.

Thank you. How do you use them as triggers? How would I like make it automatically fill a global variable or something?

The humidity I think is just the regular humidity sensor

just found variable connectors. problem solved. i love this little box.

The driver owner made a new version for you, same place as before:

Could you test it, the variable names will be different from what you have now but the bonus is that you would have the battery status.

You can report if it works correctly here:

It seems like this driver has dropped off the internet. Does anyone know what has happened or what replaces it?

If you are talking about my AmbientWeather one, it was replaced when I built in the ability for it to handle Ecowitt. The project page is still good, and the link to the OLD driver actually still works but it is very outdated. The project page has the newer one.

If you are talking about @mircolino's... he discontinued and removed it just a few days ago. I am not sure of the reasons/circumstances.

Nooooo !

This is not good news !

I know, I was thinking the same thing, but don't worry, a copy of the code has been taken, Mirco was kind enough to allow that to happen. Not sure about what plans there are for maintaining it. I'd be happy to take a look, but can't commit to any major work myself.

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Would it be possible to post the new code or a link to it (mircolino's code)

We'll sort something out, whether I do it or someone else does, we'll get it back available sometime soon.

EDIT: I'll get it into my repository for now and back in to HPM, probably over the next week, if not tomorrow. Ultimately would like to see it in the Community repository, I just need to find out how that works.

If you need the code, it is available here. You will need to install it manually for the moment, I'll sort out the HPM stuff later, along with a more formal thread on the Community.

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Thanks for saving this.. I just installed this a week or so ago at my place, and now I'm installing 8 water sensors at my parents place for them.

Would love to know why it was just dumped.. Hope it wasn't a rage quit!

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i have my modified version of this driver a version or too old that i will support.. not the latest release though.. i modified to add lastchange amount for temps so i could write rules to flag if device temps were going up or down.


Happy to add this in when I make my copy available in HPM. Will probably be in the next 48 hours I expect. Thanks for sharing the code.


I also cloned his repo in case anyone needs it. If we want to put a community around his great driver, I will do my best to join in. I contributed one very tiny thing to him before, and could probably do some other stuff. As with everyone else, my time is limited, but happy to work as a team.

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That's good to know, thanks @OpenDave.

I did get the drivers up again in my home repository. Here are some instructions on transitioning to the new copies.

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