Ecowitt Gateway - Soil Sensors

I just got Ecowitt hub (GW1100B-WIFI2269) and 1 Soil moisture sensor( WH51) installed yesterday. All is good. The hub is running and the soil moisture is reporting to the Ecowitt app on my iPhone.

Using HPM, I installed Ecowitt WIFI Gateway by Simon Burke package, create a virtual parent device, added IP and other preferences. It appear that it found the hub as the device page shows:

Current States

  • driver : v1.34.6
  • mac :
  • status : Sensor sync pending

The status never changes from "Pending".
I rebooted the Ecowitt hub, waited for well over 1 hour but no child devices are created within Hubitat. Am I missing something or is the WH51 sensor not supported?

The soil sensors are supported, I have some myself. There's probably something not quite right in the parsing of the sensors data. I'd need to look at it tomorrow if you are still having issues, but in the meantime you could try turning on debug logging.


:grinning:Honest. I would not lie. I waited over one hour and nothing. After your response suggesting I turn on Debug I checked the device again and..... Voila. Child device(s) appeared. :rofl: :joy:

I must have tweaked something but I'll be darned if I know what. Anyway It appears to be working. Thanks for all your work on this.

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Can only think there may have been another preference settings that took effect somehow. Glad to hear you got it working.

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My wife is the one with the green thumb, and I don't think this is going to sway her. Cool as it is.

If you go beyond soil sensors, I even had 10 lightning strikes come within 21 miles the other day. It was kind of nasty but nothing that I could see, but it hasn't been setting off any false readings so I believe it.

For growing stuff, the rain gauge I believe is also pretty accurate. It's been pretty dry here.

The Ecowitt web interface is neat-charts, etc. I'm on weather underground as well as the Ecowitt map. I even have their weather cam, but I don't have it mounted in a super great spot and there isn't a huge field of view. Wunderground no longer has web cams, but Ecowitt does. I've seen cams point at plants and show time lapse images. The web app saves the last 7 days and does the time lapse for completed days.

You can share a limited number of links for a user specified time, up to a year I think, to your Ecowitt dashboard.

To tell the truth, since I have no weather automations, two Ecowitt consoles, a small one in the upstairs bathroom and the big one downstairs, and no real fancy wall mounted Hubitat dashboard, if my hub starts slowing down, which it hasn't yet, I'll be giving it a look, lol.

Sorry for the digression. It's fun.

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