Ecosmart A19 bulbs directly to Hubitat?

Is it possible to pair Ecosmart A19 bulbs directly to Hubitat (no additional hubs)? I bought one from home Depot and tried to add it via zigbee. Habitat doesn't seem to find it. I tried factory resetting them by turning them on and off five times. It seems to go through some phase of dimming and brightening so I'm assuming that worked. Yet the hub still doesn't find them. I'm assuming they're zigbee.

EDIT: So thanks to a heads up, it turns out the model I bought was WIFI and BLUETOOTH... not ZigBee. This is what happens when you don't pay attention when buying.

Do they say zigbee on the box?

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That may or may not be true.

Or WiFi? Or z-wave? Bluetooth?

What’s the exact model #?


I have some, and as long as they are Zigbee, they do work fine. If they come with the remote, that does not pair with Hubitat.

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The Ecosmart Zigbee bulbs (both A19 and BR30) work fine directly with Hubitat - I have both. The Zigbee bulbs both had a red socket base.

Are you sure yours are Zigbee?

The 4 pack of Zigbee A19 bulbs seems discontinued and is not available anymore. There is a single bulb with a remote that is still available; I think that bulb should work (but I don't know as mine were from the 4 pack). As mentioned, the remote will not work.



That is what I got. I paid I think $5 on sale a couple years ago.


I also have 3 ecosmart bulbs, 2 on HE and another on (please don't laugh) Smartthings. They all work , although not as good as the Sylvania A19 Zigbee(no longer made)

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Sorry for the late response. So thanks to a heads up, it turns out the model I bought was WIFI and BLUETOOTH... not ZigBee. This is what happens when you don't pay attention when buying.

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It happens... Personally I think ecosmart bulbs are horrible. I would recommend Lifx bulbs if you want superior color and brightness. If you have to have zigbee, any zigbee 3.0 bulb for amazon will do.

I have about 20 of them throughout the house and they have been solid for me. A lot of other ZigBee devices route through them.

I can't speak for the zigbee portion but for the bulb portion I've always found ecosmart horrible. They've been nothing but trouble from some of their mogul base stuff to their downlights. I recently threw out 11 of them because they all started to flicker at some point. Just awful. Yet I've had some commercial electric ones in place forever and they work beautifully (even have a kelvin switch on them) (I have around 40 of those throughout the house)

To tell you the truth I don't even need the colors. It's just a light bulb for my cold room when the door opens.

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A sengled non color bulb will do you fine then...

Old thread, I know. I have a couple of these in use and they work fine and seem to repeat. But I'm trying to clean up my mesh a bit.

Is it true that all zigbee bulbs aren't the best repeaters, or are some good? These seem to repeat pretty good.

If the bulbs are zigbee 3.0 (and aren't cutting corners within that spec), they should be fine as repeaters.


Found the spec sheet/manual and they claim to be fully zigbee 3.0 compliant.

Of course, those are twice the cost of the Ecosmart Zigbee A19 bulbs (which are no longer available). And while the Ecosmart have a variable color temperature, the Sengled are only 2700K.

FWIW, I have 2 of those exact Sengled Classic A19s, and 8 of the Ecosmart Zigbee A19s. They all seem to work just fine.

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