Econet Bulldog Valve refresh issues

I have two econet Bulldog valves. One has been installed for years and the other one I just replaced an old Econet 200 series, because that had a smaller motor and it always seemed to strain to close the valve if it needed to.
So what I'm noticing about the econet Bulldog valves is if a refresh is issued when the valve is closed it flips it back to on or open. The valve doesn't actually open it just reports that the valve is open. If you click close it doesn't close but if you hit open it does open it starts reporting correctly. If you click refresh while it's open it does not flip the closed. Which is okay. I'd like to see if anyone else is seeing this and I'm seeing this on both valves. Thank you for any advice you might have.
And note I don't have any issues with Z-Wave errors or in the error logs themselves.

I, too, have a EcoNet Bulldog valves. One is installed on the incoming water line. This was the original one purchased several years ago. About two years later, I purchased another that opens the water system to an air gap at a drain. Each appeared to be basically the same device, except for the clamp used for attachment to the pipe.

The first valve demonstrates issues like you are describing. I periodically test the system to make sure everything functions. When the first valve shuts off the water, my dashboard updates correctly. When I reset everything, the status often doesn't change and continues to show the valve closed, even though it has been opened. All my logs appear quite normal as well.

I added a 'Refresh' in my reset routine after opening the main water valve and closing the pressure relief valve to ensure the statuses were correct on my dashboard. This shouldn't be necessary. Although I refresh both valves, the problem seems more isolated to the original one I purchased.

I like to provide an update to this. In my case it looks like it's a mounting issue which I've been working with econet support on. The height of my valves are higher than a typical one inch valve. This causes a couple problems with the alignment of the mounting and pivoting of the arm. I provided my findings to econet and I'll let you know how it goes from there. To test the theory is I remove the pins from the valve the ones that actually push the handle closed it and it registered properly and stayed registered. I'm including a picture of one of my valves so you kind of see what the issue is where the mounting bracket cannot get close enough to the valve thus there's a little play and it doesn't hit the micro switch. I'll keep you posted if anything changes.

As you can see from the pictures the tail end of the valve will hit into the bracket thus I move the bracket back farther so it didn't scrape into the mounting bracket. I believe this might be what the issue is and waiting for confirmation from Econet and see what the next steps are.

For all those who have an issues with it registering closed after a refresh I was able to finally figure out the problem. On one valve I had to readjust the pins best bet is to close the valve without any of the pins in the armature. This will allow you to set the closed position. Validate that it works by it manually opening it and electronically closing it once you get it to register appropriately set your open pin. Note you may have to readjust the motor on the mounting bracket that's the little screw underneath the motor forwards and backwards. This will help increase the amount of force or decrease the amount of force apply to the handle. The directions is to have the nut directly over the nut for the valve so the motor and valve are aligned. See below, the one valve had to be pushed back far to get the arm to swing around far enough to close the valve. This was only made easier by putting the valve in the closed position and the armature in the closed position and aligning it to what I needed to do. In summary it's more than likely an alignment problem.

I hope this helps everyone.