Ecolink WST-232 Contact Sensor

I really like the Ecolink Zigbee Wireless Door/Window Contact Sensor Model 4655BC0R, but cannot find them anymore. I am looking at the Ecolink WST-232 as a possible substitution. See, e.g., However, I cannot find any information regarding Hubitat compatibility. They are not listed on List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation. Has anyone had success using them with Hubitat? Are they any good?

no go, these are proprietary 345 mHz, not zigbee

I found what I believe are identical or nearly sensors under a different label, the Xfinity Home XHS Door/Window Sensor XHS2-UE. I noticed they each had the same double sided sticky tape covers and adapter clip-ons. These work the same as the 4655BC0R, and have the same temperature reporting as well. Here's the fingerprint.

Here's a looksee:

I am finding it so hard to find available good sensors. Hopefully, this helps others with their quest.

Edit: They are available on Amazon for $12 and Ebay for $5 in lots of 5 or $ in lots of 10.

I have one of those in use. They work well but I'm not fond of the CR2450 battery, and they are large compared to Visonic, but for 5 bucks, if I needed some I would buy for less visible doors

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I just bought two lots of 5 ($50 altogether). Except for a dead battery, they all installed easily. Now I have window sensors! :smiley:

[EDIT] Turns out it wasn't a dead battery... The battery contacts needed to be extended a little. Easy fix.

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These are pretty much the same

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