Ecolink vs iris 2 motion sensors

Has anyone compared the two?

I’m wondering what their speed detection is like ?

In general with few exceptions (and I'm pretty certain Ecolink isn't one of them), zigbee motion sensors across the board are significantly, and by that I mean noticeably faster than their zwave counterparts...
This isn't so noticable with cloud hubs, since you start out with a minimum static delay of at least 200ms anyway...

The iris V2 is pretty much the goto motion detector.
This is the exact same device sold by Sylvania (centralite is the OEM), though their sensor case isn't as nice looking.

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Mike (as usual) is correct, and to add to that, I actually have measured a lot of these but am still trying to format my data in a friendly, presentable format. Unfortunately, the Ecolink wasn't one of them, but I do have a similar Monoprice (the one that looks like it, not the 4-in-1) and it was so slow I stopped measuring it at all because that's how bad it was. That's not necessarily indicative of the Ecolink, as they likely have at least slightly different firmware. However, the general trend of Z-Wave (like Ecolink) being slower than Zigbee (like Iris) definitely holds and I wouldn't expect anything different here--especially because of all my sensors, the Iris v2 (and the other Centralite--Sylvania/Osram/Lightify) were almost always the first to respond.

I have two brands of zwave motion sensors, the fibaro which is an exception as most of their devices are, and the go control, which I think is the same sluggard as the monoprice and by far the slowest device on the planet, the latency on that pos has to be damn close to 1000ms...
On the zigbee side I probably have at least one example in production from every major manufacturer, and they all respond without any noticable lag...

So it’s fair to say stick with my iris motion sensors.


If you have them.. Yes. Zigbee motion sensors beat almost all Z-Wave motion sensors hands down. I think the Zooz ZSE02 (giant hockey puck) is the only one I can think of that even comes close in response speed. I also like the Hue motion sensors and LOVE the NYCE sensors.

Agreed. My Iris Zigbee motion sensors run circles around even my GE Zwave Plus motion sensors. In my case I'd say the Zwave takes about 2.5 seconds to trigger my lighting whereas the zigbee are less than a second. When it's motion based lighting for stairs those seconds sure count!

Not a comparison but I do use the Ecolink sensors outside for my motion lighting. Response time is OK - around a half second. What I really like about them is their pet exclusion. Too many feral cats in the neighborhood.

I never got a chance to pick up the Iris when they were available. I did get some Sylvania sensors and while they are quick they were too sensitive for me to use outdoors. I'll end up using them for other things around the house.