Ecolink Tilt Sensor: Problems Incuding/Excluding

Two of three Ecolink tilt sensors paired great. The third one, I can't get to pair. There's a mysterious new device at the end of the z-wave details list that I assume was a result, somehow. I've tried excluding and including many times: Include/Exclue, insert battery...nothing. Light just keeps blinking.

Any ideas?

How close to the hub are you when you try to include/ exclude?

I happen to have a ZStick S2 which I used to exclude it seemed to exclude devices I recall having issues with when they were initially installed and I had no S2. Maybe not helpful.

However I learned there is a sweet spot with regard to distance. Too close is bad for some devices. It seems to me that about 6 to 10 feet with no obstructions was the best for the devices I have.

You didn't mention, are you moving from a C4/C5 to a C7? If so you might try turning off the older hub while working on the Ecolink.

Good luck :slight_smile:

These were brand new. I haven't had problems with other ecolinks. There's no instructions like how to reset.

This is a failed pair. You should get rid of this before proceeding any further.

I'm trying, but so far no luck with that.

Pull the battery out of the ecolink that didn't join. Run a repair on the ghost node. After the repair click remove on the device in settings, zwave details. Check under devices as well and make sure there isn't an entry in there. If there is click on the device and scroll down to the bottom and click remove. Don't need to click force remove here if it deleted out of settings zwave details. It should go through.

Will do. Battery out first.

You may get a not responding the first time on the device repair. Run it again and it should go to failed. Where you can then click remove.

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I just tried it a bunch of times. Clicking on remove doesn't do anything. Doing that doesn't create a log entry, if that means anything.

Safely shutdown the hub and pull power for a minute and try to remove again.


Will do. I had rebooted several time.

Well, that finally got rid of it.
Now to try including again.
The anticipation is great, lol.

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That did the trick! Much thanks @lewis.heidrick.

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Unfortunately, one of the others has not been reporting status, even though the led blinks when tilted. So, I'll probably be excluding and including another one. Maybe repair and refresh first. Hopefully, this one will go smoother.

Edit: That did the trick. So much smoother, excluding/including.

What's interesting, is that with all the futzing around on the first one, battery capacity is down to 80%. Don't know how meaningful, but still.

When they cant find a friend to talk to they start spamming its pretty common.

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I'm having the exact same issues you were having. Moved the tilt sensor closer to the hub and exclude/include worked. Thought I was good, then I had the same status reporting issues. Thanks for posting your problem @velvetfoot and solutions @lewis.heidrick

I find that a lot of people tend to have issues with devices in the garage. Adding a repeater or wired mains powered here can help device communications back to the hub.

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No doubt that is a common source of signal loss. For me, I'm very surprised to have issues with this device because I have two GE ZWave Outlets in the ceiling connected to relays that run my garage doors and another tilt sensor (that is further from the hub) that connected fine.

I have pretty weak signal out here as well. I think mine mostly stem from the breaker panel putting out a lot of electromagnetic interference and some radiant barrier stuff causing a lot of reflections. It's gotten better since I added some more devices just on the other side of the laundry room door.

In the garage I have 6 wired mains and a repeater. Garage lights, side garage door, driveway lights, workbench fan, workbench lights, and attic light switch.

Garage walls are generally insulated better to keep out the heat/cold and act as a fire barrier.

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