Ecolink Sump pump sensor

I have been trying in another post to get the Ecolink sensor to send notification to my phone. I remember I had to get Pushover and all worked well with the Outside lights I wanted to know when they were off. So I have the Ecolink sump sensor and I have the a notifier for that. So I figured to test that . Nothing. I checked the status when I shorted the contacts and it still said dry. The battery was 99. It is about 8 months old. Should I exclude and include again? Also where is the pushover notifier on HE?

This kind've sounds like a communication issue with your sensor and hub. Let's break this problem up into two parts. I kind've think that you need to address the communication with that sensor. Is it zwave or zigbee? It raises a red flag with me if you can't get the sensor to relay correctly to the ide.

After that's addressed, let's talk about pushover. (great little app, btw)

It was the battery. Although on the device menu it read 99 on the battery. All is working now. I am getting push notifications. It is a great app. I had found out through another problem I was having that for some reason I wasn't getting notifictions to my phone. Pushover notification was turned off on my phone. I had not done it but that was the problem. Solutuion; Don't let the grandkids use your phone.

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