Ecolink Garage Tilt Sensor missing commands?

So I tried to install the Ecolink Garage tilt sensor, it connected ok, but when I use the Ecolink tilt sensor driver that is built in, and it shows no commands (see screenshot), so it does not work.. I see stuff happening in the logs when Debug is on.

I installed this driver
and it works, but it's backwards, open is closed, closed it open, I was able to edit the code with my Hackerman skillz to reverse that, and it seem to work. but I feel that its not actualy made for this sensor?

any reason there are no commands in the HE version?

I was able to download off the package manager

A quick forum search turned up this post by the dev -- it sounds like this was a custom driver build for a mailbox or something like that.

I'd recommend using a more standard tilt sensor driver instead. I unfortunately don't have any recommendations as I do not use one myself.

What commands do you want a binary sensor to accept?

It should only show a state (open/closed), and possibly battery status - if the device reports battery status.

(To clarify - commands are sent to devices; states are reported by devices)

Configre for example.

But either way, it does not show Open or closed. I assume when I include the device because it does not auto detect the right driver, when I change it, i have to select "configure" .

but either way, it does not show open or closed.

I tried the Generic Tilt sensor, but Open is closed, and Closed is open.

My old ecolink tilt sensor that has the ball in can inside im using "Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor". Open/Closed. Works fine.

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It does, but Open is closed, and Closed shows open.

I get this is the logs..

Are you still talking about the intentionally-reversed community driver in your OP, or are you now talking about the normal driver Kampto referenced?

The Ecolink that is bulit into HE does not show anything not open or closed. it shows no status, and gives an error showen above in the logs.. (NULL)

The driver that Kampto mentioned shows backwards. remember this is attached to the garage door, so it lies up and down when the door is closed, and then lies flat when the door is opened

weird.. now the Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor shows the right way.. after i rebooted the hub.. how odd.

but still, the Ecolink built in does not work at all. I dont need it, but thats for the dev's to look into I suppose.