Ecolink DW-ZWAVE2.5- ECO dry contact

Hi guys
Im new to HE (great product BTW) migrating from ST. I have this door & windows sensor and it includes a dry relay. I was able able to pair it with HE but using "generic z-wave contact sensor" and it doesn't include support for the dry contact. Do you know if there´s an available driver I can use?

Can you expand on what you mean by this? Do you mean simultaneously supporting independent operation of the reed switch and the external contacts?

I ask because I use the external contacts on several sensors and they work fine with the generic z-wave contact sensor" driver. However, I am not trying to simultaneously determine sensor status based on the reed switch.

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Thanks! you help me clarify, i was completely wrong about how this works. I though they have a dry relay and what they really have is an external contact. Thanks

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You're welcome. Those external contacts are super useful. I'm using them to:

  1. determine when my HVAC blower is on/off (by connecting them to a current sensor switch).
  2. determine when I've lost electric power (by connection to a 5V relay and a USB power supply).
  3. determine when my garage door is lowered/raised (by connection to a tilt switch).
  4. determine when there is a NOAA weather alert (connected to the alarm out on a weather radio).
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Thanks for sharing. Any recommended dry relay? I was looking the mimolite. I need to control a heater, replacing the thermostat (on/off) with a relay.

What is the purpose? To control a garage door?

In any event, the Mimolite is z-wave, and I would recommend a z-wave+ alternative, such as the Zooz ZEN16


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