Ecolink Contact Sensor zigbee Model 4 BC0-R compatibility

My Ecolink Contact Sensor zigbee Model 4655 BC0-R is not in the Hubitat compatibility list.
I am wondering if there is a driver code for those sensors somewhere. I have lots of them in Smartthings, but I am switching over to Hubitat. Any help on this would be appreciated.

A contact sensor is a pretty generic device, have you confirmed the Built-in Generic ZWave Zigbee Contact Sensor driver doesn't work?


Yes :grin:, OTOH the "Generic zigbee contact sensor (no temp)" driver should work.


It looks like I didn't get it to reset, so it won't pair until I get that device to reset.

I finally got the zigbee sensor to reset. That was the problem. I was able to get the sensor paired in Hubitat. Thanks so much.

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Actually, the correct driver to use is the one with temperature (This sensor works great in fridges/freezers):
generic zigbee contact sensor

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Where can I find that particular driver? Can you point me in the right direction?
Thanks for your input.

Just curious, does this Ecolink contact sensor have the terminals to attach wires like the z-wave version?

No it does not, only battery terminals on the inside

Not sure which driver you are looking for, there were a few mentioned above. That said, all built-in drivers are available by just going into the list for "Type" in the device's settings page.

It is usually easier to search for a device than scroll, that box at the top is actually a search box in case you weren't aware. I typically will search by something like Zigbee, or in your case Contact to narrow down the list a bit.

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