Ecolink Contact Sensor Not Discovered As Z-Wave Plus - Affects Mesh?

I just added a Z-Wave plus contact sensor, see inClusters info below, and Hubitat paired it as a non-plus sensor.

Another Ecolink contact sensor I have has been working fine for a long time, but that has been paired as a Z-Wave Plus sensor.

A long time ago I had problems with Ecolink and the Hubitat Driver which was eventually solved, but I forget a lot of the details.

My Z-Wave mesh has been intermittently, and minor-ly, acting up somewhat. Very hard to correlate cause and effect and very sporadic and very minor.

I changed the driver to Plus, but the sensor is pretty ensconced now in a gate control box, so when it wakes up, I guess it'll change. I have to open the box up to program a couple more remotes, so maybe I'll try to wake it up then...if I can find the directions.

My question is: Could the non-Plus driver, vs the Plus, affect the mesh in a bad way?


battery devices don't contribute to the mesh, so it shouldn't impact anything

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It did in my case. I don't remember if it was spamming, or what.

Also, based on the lack of log entries and a jogged memory, the Ecolink doesn't queue up an uodate like the Zooz products/drivers. I think you have to wake it up while saving the device, preferences, etc.

Thus will be harder because of the way the sensor is installed. If necessary, i guess i could drag the hub out there connected to the battery.

If necessary.

Many drivers for battery operated devices don't queue config changes. Just is what it is.

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@bcopeland , is there a problem with running a Plus Ecolink contact sensor on the Generic non-plus driver? That's the way it was discovered. Thanks.

It just occurred to me that changing the device driver and the pressing "Save Device" probably doesn't do anything to the device. No parameters changed, etc., so the device should not have needed waking up.