Ecobee5 control using door sensors


I want to use door and window sensors to turn off my short term rental HVAC, and turn the HVAC back on once ALL the doors and windows are closed. I am not sure how to program this. HVAC should be turned off if the first door/window is opened, and turned back on when the last window (of all) is closed. Any tips?


I wouldn't recommend this, as you will be constantly having your HVAC turning off if you go outside only to immediately turn back on when you close the door from going outside. Causing a large increase in short cycles driving your energy usage sky high and increase the stress on your equipment as the most energy is consumed starting the equipment.

Now having the HVAC "not turn on" if the door/windows are open (after X minutes delay), and only turn on if all are closed would be a better strategy in my opinion.


There are others here that have rules just like you describe. If done properly and well thought out, there is no reason you can't do the same.

The community Ecobee Suite app is very powerful and I would recommend it over the native Hubitat app. This will allow Hubitat to control your ecobee via the cloud interface. There are local control options available, but are more complex.

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Remember that there can be occasions when sensors can give false readings due to a failed sensor, low battery or a disruption in the mesh. You do not want to go away in the winter only to return and find that a faulty sensor prevented the heat from turning on, the house is freezing and the pipes have burst. Thus, you need to have some rules included to turn the heat on when the temperature is low, even if there is an "open" sensor.

The Ecobee Suite has a helper app that does exactly this with configuration for delay times and integration with notifications.

Thanks, so in your opinion one has to be thoughtful, and avoid frequent cycles. Some of the people who responded mention a delay in the activity. So, I can turn HVAC to ECO or AWAY after 10 min of window/door opening... Something like this:
<<IF (door1 is open OR window1 is open OR window2 is OPEN, THEN turn HVAC to AWAY>>
Now for the next problem: in order for the HVAC to return to COOL, all doors and windows need to be closed. It should be something like this: <<IF (door1 is closed AND window1 is closed AND window2 is closed) THEN turn HVAC to COOL>>.
How do I program that?



Best not to post the same question in multiple threads.

Using the ready- made features in the ecobee Suite is your best option.

Meantime, if you're determined to use Rule Machine, I might try the following.

Create a virtual switch called "HVAC Disabled" or something similar. When your first rule shuts the AC off, turn the virtual switch on.

Create a second rule that triggers when that virtual switch turns on. Use a suitable delay (10 minutes? Maybe 5?) and a WHILE loop to check the status of your contact switches. If any are open, repeat the delay and check status again. Once they are all closed, turn the HVAC back on and turn the virtual switch off.

I should note two things... first this is just a concept from a relatively inexperienced user. Second is that Hubitat doesn't have a simple WHILE loop command. You have to use a specialty structured IF condition. I've never put one together but there are other posts in this forum that show how.

Sorry, will behave myself in the future...

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