Ecobee3 lite/hubitat

Hello! I am seriously considering the purchase of a hubitat hub. Before I make this purchase, I also need to know if it is compatible with the ecobee 3 lite (which isn’t purchased yet either) Is it easy pairing or do I need to add extra code of some sort (of which I have zero experience with coding and don’t have the patience to learn:)

I have never owned a hub of any sort but I was looking at smartthings for the ease. Super new to home automation but old enough to know I do NOT want to rely on cloud services anymore. Any help is appreciated! :smile:

You could start here. Someone will probably pipe in and let you know if development is pending if you don't find it on the list.
Hope this helps


I looked at the list earlier and noticed ecobee is compatible, but I was wondering how to pair it with the hub as the thermostat connectivity is via WiFi or with a static ip.

My primary concern is to get away from WiFi altogether. Thanks for the quick response.:slightly_smiling_face:

You probably already did this too, but i did a search for ecobee in the forum and found a lot of posts in the forum. I've got a Rheem Econet and there's no hope to integrate that. And it doesn't even bother me. :slight_smile: I hope that your deciding factor isn't Ecobee integration. I jumped from Smartthings earlier this year and haven't regretted it .. ever.

I have an EcoBee. I have it integrated with Hubitat and also Alexa. By itself the EcoBee has a lot of automation. The biggest thing missing in the built-in HE app is the ability to change Comfort settings. Mine are controlled via schedules built into the EcoBee. I can monitor temp and humidity. I change temp, temp ranges, operating mode, and hold type with HE. Right now it's just easier to do with the mobile EcoBee app. I don't do any presence automation, if and when I do is when I'll want the ability to change comfort setting.

EcoBee integration is cloud based for any hub not just HE

There is actually some a user-generated app that allows you to control comfort settings. This is a port of the Ecobee Suite Manager from SmartThings. It's only the main connect app and the two drivers but it allows you to use setThermostatProgram, which is the command to set a comfort profile for a specific hold period (indefinite, next transition or by # of hours).

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Thanks to everyone for their responses!

I decided against ecobee. I’m not comfortable with the cloud integration. So I purchased the Honeywell z wave thermostat to coincide with the (recently purchased!) habitat hub. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m hoping that pairing will be easy peezy. Additionally, I don’t require a lot of rules and conditions. All I want is to set it and forget it.:smile:

I’ve never had to endure the aggravation of smartthings hub. This is my first hub and I hope I made the right choice. Thanks again!


Good choice. When you need help, reach out for it. Lots of good people here willing to give you their time. You’re going to do well. No bad habits to unlearn.

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