Ecobee Weather

Hey all,

The Ecobee 3 shows the weather for today as well as over the next couple of days. Yes it's based on zip code but for my purposes, it's close enough

Any way to pull that into the Ecobee integration app so it can be used in automation through Alexa

Thanks in advance, Rick

Why not just use an app for your phone that does that? Why does it have to be the ecobee weather? There are much easier solutions for your problem.

Yes Ryan, phone app would be easier based on what I wrote, guess that was my fault for not being more clear

I would like to be able to announce the weather, Hi/Low through Message Central/Alexa... Yes I can just ask her but my wife never thinks about it, so automating it would be easier


Oh...then you should be able to do that with the changes made recently to the Alexa app allowing the integration of contact sensors into Alexa routines. Then you would just open/close a virtual contact sensor whenever you wanted the weather announcement to happen. That would probably be easier than trying to pass the ecobee weather over to Alexa.

From what I can see in my ecobee device in HE, the weather is not passed from Ecobee to HE. So, you would have to use some other weather source if you wanted to announce it from HE. I'm using the APIXU weather device.

Look at the built in device OpenWeather, add it as virtual device. or use the apixu device.

Thanks for re-iterating what I just said. LMAO

Actually, I am, since I didn't see you mention the built-in OpenWeather device at all.

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