Ecobee Thermostat device request

Please add an input option for number of decimal digits, 0 or 1, for temperature if possible, allowing for finer temperature control, currently it's whole degrees.

The Ecobee API provides temperature in degrees Fahrenheit to one decimal place. Temperature documentation follows:

"Temperature values are expressed as degrees Fahrenheit, multiplied by 10. For example, a temperature of 72F would be expressed as the value 720. If the user preferences indicate the use of Celsius values, it is the responsibility of the caller to convert values to and from Celsius.

Where specified explicitly Degrees F indicates that the temperature will be returned in degrees Fahrenheit accurate to one decimal place (i.e. 18.5F)."

I used to have an ecobee. Maybe this has changed since then, but it used to be that the set temperature via their app (or even at the thermostat) could only be in integers (for Farenheit).

The documentation is not really clear if Temperature is whole degrees F, or one decimal place. It would be nice if it is now the latter.

The device's display is whole degrees for F, and appears to be in .5 degree increments for C

Not sure how useful this is but my ecobee shows only integer temperature anywhere I look.
On the thermostat itself, on the ecobee site in multiple locations.

FWIW: I sent my initial post to support and included another issue that follows.

"The Hubitat ecobee app's temperature is usually 1 degree higher than the physical device's display even after a refresh. Makes me think that some sort of rounding is going on someplace."

Normally a degree off one way or another, would not matter very much. However, I'm using the Ecobee's temperature, and a few other devices with the Hubitat Average Temp app, to control my dumb AC mini-splits with Broadlink IR devices. With .1 degree increments I get more accurate average temperatures.

I understand the being 1° off between the display and app. I've not looked at this before. I just looked now and they both match on mine.
Thought is the temperature offset on your thermostat set? If so maybe that only effects the display.

I would say with my system it matches about 50% of the time, the other 50% the Hubitat app is 1 degree higher than device. The thermostat's temperature offset is 0 F. I would assume the reported temperature is impacted by the offset, but who knows.

I do know setting Eco+ "Feels Like" on, impacts what shows on the device's display. Had to contact ecobee support to get that corrected.

I've recently started to set up a rule that compares the temperature between the various temperature sensors I have and sets the Ecobee fan to "on" instead of "auto" when the difference between temperatures goes over a certain value. The temperature sensors included are:
AEOTEC Temperature/Humidity Sensor
Ecobee Thermostat sensor
Ecobee Remote Sensor
I'm finding that the Ecobee Thermostat sensor is only reporting temperature in 1 degree increments, while the other sensors (Including the remote Ecobee sensor) report in 0.1 degree increments. I found others reporting a similar issue, and they stated that some other third party drivers will report in 0.1 degree increments. If the other drivers can report in that resolution, and if the built in driver can report the remote sensor in that resolution, then is it a bug that the built in driver isn't reporting the thermostat temperature like this? Sure, I can install a 3rd party driver, but I'd love to keep things to the built in driver if possible since this is the only "issue" I've seen with it so far.

The chart below shows the 3 temperatures being monitored. Most of the fan changes are just manual changes or because the thermostat changed modes due to time of day.

My minor feature request for the built-in integration would be an option to have a separate device for the temperature sensor at the thermostat (separately from the averaged temperature). This is the only reason I use the open source integration.


I would like to have the Ecobee device driver have some indicator if the setting is "stale" . For better or worse, we often use the Hubitat dashboard to change the temperature. Sometimes it works immediately, sometimes not. I understand this is because there is no local API and Ecobee has to get in the middle of any changes of this type. However this is how my wife works so this is what has to be dealt with.

If the App could have some indicator that the Ecobee website (or whatever its called) has not updated the recent change made at the dashboard.

I really don't have the programming skills to capture the communications between the Ecobee and their site. I've have been tempted to start up WireShark to see if its obvious what the traffic looks like.