Ecobee Temperature Format Conversion Off

Been working on moving off of using IFTTT to toggle my thermostat programs and instead setting the values directly via RM. However I notice that the calculations to convert from C to F and back are rounding up/down the numbers.

So for example, I want to set the heat/cool values to 21/25 but it sets it to 22/25 for some reason. The one degree does make a difference.

When I look at the logs I see that its converting 21/25 to 72/77 which should be 70/77.

Below I have pasted the part of the log where I see it doing the setting.

debugupdateSetpoint succeed to change setpoints:[targetHeatingSetpoint:72, targetCoolingSetpoint:77]
debugswitchToFanMode- fanMode:auto
debugsetThermostatFanMode- mode:auto
debugsetCoolingSetpoint- setpoint:25.0
debugsetHeatingSetpoint- setpoint:21.0
debugswitchToMode- mode:auto
debugsetThermostatMode- mode:auto

Note.. doesn't seem to happen with all values. 21' is off... but looks like 20' converts properly and others. So not sure where the breakdown is.

Reason I use mine in Fahrenheit