Ecobee problems?

Has anyone else seen problems with Ecobee lately? Not just the HE integration, but accessing from the Ecobee app and website? Mine has been hit or miss (mostly miss) for the last day or so.

Yes same here on HE, have not used the Ecobee app. Seems to have stopped (for now) around 8:16 EST this morning

I do not have it integrated, but App doesn't work while Web does.

Same here. Lots of errors in HE logs, cleared up around 815. I suspect the Ecobee cloud.

According to their twitter account they have been doing maintenance and investigating random issues since yesterday. Its up and down.

+1 for local integrations!

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I just logged into the web site and it seems to be working properly.

I have Ecobee integrated with Hubitat and then to Actiontiles. The temperature reported in Actiontiles is not correct, so something is amiss.

I have a basic rule to set my thermostats to 72 °F, but when the rule runs, it sets them both to 71 °F. Not really a huge issue, but annoying nonetheless. I guess I can try setting them to 73 °F and see what happens.

You may be dealing with rounding issues, as a result of F to C & C to F conversions between the two systems. Just a guess :thinking: